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Gail Chiovari, owner of the Vintage Rose Tea Room and Gift Shop, warms up with a quick Q and A for Simplici~Tea. Vintage Rose Tea Room is a quaint little tea room located on High Street in Millville’s Glass Town Arts District. The shop offers a variety of tea related gifts, from teapots to cups and saucers, and seating for 40 guests to sit and enjoy a delicious and cozy afternoon cup of tea.  

Why did you chose to open a tea room?

I began going to tea rooms and always wanted to have a business. I enjoy the atmosphere and setting. I collected teacups and saucers. Collected, Collected, Collected. I don’t regret one day. It’s a lot of work, and I’m not going to say it’s not, but no regrets.

I like the purity and choices that tea offers. It’s soothing, much better than coffee. We don’t say the “c” word in the tea room. There are also health benefits.

Some people are intimidated to come into a tea room because they don’t know what to expect. I decorated this way (referring to the teapots, teacups, and cozy decor that adorn the shop) because I wanted people to walk in, take a deep breath and relax. More and more men and young people are also turning to the world of tea. I like meeting new people. They are coming here for a reason. It’s nice to see three and fours generations of people sitting together at a table, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.

So why Millville’s Arts District?

I chose Millville because I am a destination for Millville. There are no other tea rooms in this area. Some of my customers travel an hour or more to get here. I also chose Millville because it is close to home. I live in Vineland. I would have liked to open in Vineland but Vineland isn’t quite there yet. (Chiovari is referring to the Vineland’s  reconstruction project to revitalize Landis Avenue. Millville has been working to revitalize High Street for many years and offers a variety of shops, eateries and art galleries. High Street offers a variety of events every 3rd Friday of the month.) 

So what does the Tea Room offer? 

Well, we offer over 40 varieties of premimum, loose leaf tea. We also offer some teas thats are seasonal, and these teas do change. We also offer traditional tea sandwiches and have enlarged our menu to include lunch selections. Everything is made fresh on premises.

We also offer a variety of hats, boas and beads for children who would like to dress up for tea. We encourage children to dress up.

Menu?  Check out the entire menu!!!

A delicious assortment of sandwiches, sweet treats and of course TEA!!!!

Events? Check out some of the events that Vintage Rose Tea room offers!!!

Past events have included Themed Tea for children and adults~including Princess Tea, where children dress up as their favorite princess and receive a free book at the end of the day, courtesy of Bogarts Book Store (located just a few doors down from the tea room).

Murder Mystery Tea was also an event that was held at the tea room with much success!

Special events, such as baby showers and bridal showers, can also be booked at the tea room.

Last words?

I’m proud to say that we were ranked #9 out of 48 tea rooms in New Jersey by TeaMap.com.

Chiovari has a lot to be proud of. The Vintage Rose Tea Room is a beautiful establishment with a lot of character. She strives to reach out to the locals by hosting events and having a quiet, relaxing place to offer those who want to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy a premium cup of tea.



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