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Let me make this VERY CLEAR…herbal tea is not tea. Just because it says “tea” doesn’t make it tea!! But herbal tea still tastes great!

Herbal tea is commonly called an herbal infusion. Made from everything other than tea leaves! Dried fruits, flowers and herbs. Generally, boiling water is poured over the fruit, flower or herbs (or a combination of all) and left to seep for a few minutes.

But herbs and flowers and fruits have long been known to have health benefits if consumed. Did you know that if you place them in hot water you can still have all the benefits!! This article explains just some of the many benefits of herbal teas.

There are so many types of herbal tea…that I will list some here but feel free to check out the larger list!

  • catnip tea- catnip is not just for cats anymore!
  • chamomile
  • blackberry
  • peppermint
  • mango
  • jasmine
  • cherry
  • mushroom
  • ginger
  • yogi

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Tea Types

Black. Green. Oolong. Loose or bagged. Hot or cold. With all the types of tea and different ways to have it, it’s a wonder any of us can choose. Soo many choices…what the hell…I have plenty of time.

Let’s start out slow…

Again, all tea leaves come from the Camellia sinensis. Generally there are four main types of tea:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Oolong (pronounced either “oo” or “wu” and sometimes referred to as Brown tea)
  • White

During the drying phase, some tea leaves are infused with essential oils or dried with fruit  or spices to add extra flavor. 

There are four main countries that produce the world’s tea:

  • India
  • China
  • Kenya
  • Sri Lanka

According to an article by Tetley, a tea company, many other places also produce tea.  

Many people would like to think that herbal teas are tea…but they’re NOT. Herbal teas are made with dried herbs, flowers and even fruit. Most do not have tea in them unless specified so on the box. Sorry for any confusion.

Each individual tea will be discussed in depth in later posts. Keep coming back.

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