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What the hell is Oolong? That was the first question that came across my lips when I heard the name so I suspect that I may not be the only one who has said this! Now I can answer that question!

Discussing the process which the tea leaves go through is slightly more complicated. The leaves must begin the process immediately after being picked. The leaves are first dried in the sun for a short period and then placed in baskets where they are shaken, not stirred, to produce a bruising effect that allows the “liquids” inside the leaves to become exposed which begins the oxidation process. After a few hours (depending on the origin of the leaves) the leaves are fired to stop fermentation.

For more info on the process of oolong tea, I suggest this article…it also discusses the “Oolong Diet.” 

Taste is important for every type of tea. So what does Oolong taste like? Well, I can say that it is somewhat spicy and smooth. Unlike green tea, it does not have an “earthy” taste. Like green tea, oolong is sometimes flavored with my favorite flower, jasmine, among other things.

Take a sip, or three, you are bound to enjoy it!!


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