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Tea in Time

Tea is nothing new. Legend states, according to World Book, that the use of tea was discovered by Emperor Shennong of China about 2737 B.C. That’s almost 5000 years of tea history! Considering that it would be almost impossible to recount 5000 years of history in a single post, only the most significant events will be recounted. (All info provided is either attributed to a source or is knowledge I have gained throughout my many years in school and as an enthusiastic tea drinker.)

Ancient China

  • The earliest mention of tea in Chinese literature dates back to 350 A.D., according to World Book.

Ancient Japan

  • The Japanese developed the ceremony now known as the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Tea Comes to Europe

  • By 1610, Dutch traders began importing tea to Europe, according to World Book.
  • Tea was a rich man’s commodity, as the price for tea was so high that only the wealthy could afford such a luxury.

Tea Meets the States (or at least what becomes the states)

  • In 1767, Britain placed a tax on tea that was being shipped to the colonies. By 1773, colonists had enough of British taxes (especially on tea) and held what is now known as the Boston Tea Party. This act added to the independence movement which ultimately led to the American Revolution.

Tea Today

  • Tea has become a symbol of tranquility and gives a sense of peace of mind. Tea is still used in ceremonies but more importantly, it can now be enjoyed by everyone, not just the wealthy. Drink up!

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