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What makes green tea, green? Well it’s not the plant that it comes from but how the leaves are processed (the processing of leaves was discussed in an earlier post). Green tea leaves are the least processed of all. The more the leaves are processed, the less of the antioxidants and other health beneficial chemicals are left in the leaves.

Green teas have a lighter color than black teas and also a lighter flavor. Sometimes the flavor is referred to as grassy and a cup of green tea can have a hint of sweetness or may be a bit astringent to the palate. Green tea can be brewed with pieces of fruit, flowers or herbs to give a different flavor, or just for fun. Although not usually served with milk or sugar, it should be up to the drinker to decide. I prefer my green tea to have a hint of jasmine!!

If you haven’t already tried it, what are you waiting for. Take the plunge into a big, green world! There is a variety to choose from.


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