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The flavor of black tea ranges from fruity and flowery to spicy and nutty. So what is so different about black tea?

Black Tea is more oxidized than other forms of tea. According to a Book Rags article, it also has more caffeine content and generally has a stronger flavor. “Black” generally refers to the dark color of the leaves after tea processing. Black tea is generally named after the region from which it is produced.

Also according to the Book Rags article, black tea goes through every process. Black tea is fired in 200 degree ovens until almost completely dry. The leaves are then further dried over wood fires.

Some varieties of Black Tea include:

  • Assam Tea-from Assam, India (malty, fruity flavor)
  • Darjeeling-from the Darjeeling region of India (spicy favor)
  • Earl Grey-black tea infused with Bergamot oil

A full list of varieties of black tea can be found at Tea Infusion.


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