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Artistic Tea

Tea Pots come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors!! Take a look at what I found!!

alien-pot2Cafe Uno!! Courtesy of Bernadette Stillo!!

genie-teaGenie Tea!! Courtesy of Bernadette Stillo!!!!kelp-forest1

Kelp Forest Undersea Upright Ring Teapot!!! Courtesy of Ray Bub!

jade-lilley Jade Lily Teapot!!! Created by Nancy Y. Adams!!




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Since I started this “blog” I have read soo many articles about the benefts of drinking tea. Now I’m beginning to see home and beauty products that are made from or infused with tea!! Inspired, as I always am about tea, I decided to pick out some of these products and get them noticed!! (I have not tried all of these products but I suggest giving them a try.)

eyegel1Thanks to Salon Tea by Tracy Stern…ladies (and gentlemen) we now have an eye gel that is infused with antioxidant rich green tea!! $33.00

white-teaWhite Tea and Bergamont Hand Cream. I love anything scented with bergamont, and with the power of white tea…what more could a tea lover want! Elariia Hand Cream should definitely be given a shot!! $17.50~sale price (reg. $20.50)

green-with-jasmineAll I have to say is “Shut Up!” (If you watch Stacy on What Not to Wear…this is a good exclamation) So cool!! Two of my favorite scents in one!! Green Tea and Jasmine Perfume by L’Occitane. $46.00 (L’Occitane has a whole tea collection)

black-tea-lipAnd it just keeps getting better!! Sweet Black Tea Lip Treatment by Juara!! Fermented sweet black tea helps reduce the appearance of fine lip lines. $22.00

bulgariI first came across Bvlgari products when I took a vacation to the Bahamas! These products are light and fresh, and so I took every little sample from the room before I left (yes I am one of those people)!!! With prior knowledge of Bvlgari products I can not wait to try these new perfumes! The perfume comes in both Green and White! I love having choices. $41.00-59.00

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I recently received a very nice comment from a complete stranger whom I now consider a “tea” friend!! I am encouraging all of my readers (although there are not many of you) to please visit this site!! Sometimes an interest can become an obsession…but tea is always a safe obsession! Thanks Jim!

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This interactive map displays the address of the tea room, the website of the business or a website that holds reviews and some little tid-bits of info from me!! Check them out!!!

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Still to Come…

Because I am a native of South Jersey, I believe that the tea rooms down here should get a little exposure!! I will provide an interactive map to show where these tea rooms are located!! I’m putting them ALL on the map! Please check back. While you wait, grab a nice cup of tea!!

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Let me make this VERY CLEAR…herbal tea is not tea. Just because it says “tea” doesn’t make it tea!! But herbal tea still tastes great!

Herbal tea is commonly called an herbal infusion. Made from everything other than tea leaves! Dried fruits, flowers and herbs. Generally, boiling water is poured over the fruit, flower or herbs (or a combination of all) and left to seep for a few minutes.

But herbs and flowers and fruits have long been known to have health benefits if consumed. Did you know that if you place them in hot water you can still have all the benefits!! This article explains just some of the many benefits of herbal teas.

There are so many types of herbal tea…that I will list some here but feel free to check out the larger list!

  • catnip tea- catnip is not just for cats anymore!
  • chamomile
  • blackberry
  • peppermint
  • mango
  • jasmine
  • cherry
  • mushroom
  • ginger
  • yogi

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Courtesy of www.alice-in-wonderland.net


Courtesy of www.jaronphillips.com


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